Claude Monet: The Irreplaceable


                  Did you know that Claude Monet was among the first of the Impressionists? On 10th of March, I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery with my Communications 12 class. After seeing diverse artwork, I was fascinated by an outstanding work on the first floor. While appreciating the work, I found out that it was Monet who painted it. Monet had a difficult background, but he managed to make fantastic achievements; also he left a legacy for the world to remember him by.



                Monet didn’t have a perfect background. He was born on 14th of November, 1840 in Paris, France; however, he was raised on the Normandy coast, Le Havre. At sixteen, he started to become well-known for his caricatures. Later on, he got acquainted with Eugène Baudin, who gave him an idea about painting. Monet decided to enroll into an art school in Paris in 1859; nonetheless, he stopped studying because he had to attend the mandatory military service in 1861. A year later, his parents helped him to withdraw from military services. From 1869-1877, his paintings were not acknowledged by curators. In the article “Claude Monet”, Dorothea K. Beard writes  that Monet and his colleagues were censured for being incautious and structureless in the beginning of the1880’s. She also revealed that Monet did not gain the same reaction as Renoir, his colleague, after hearing the public judgements. However, he was afflicted by the comment, so he tried to improve his work (Beard 3). Not only did Monet have a challenging background, but he was able to accomplish his dreams.


Monet accomplished outstanding achievements in his life. From 1890, his paintings started to be valued. Monet used release his artwork in series, and each of them was successful ; nevertheless, the most remarkable series he made was the water lily series. Not only did Monet have wonderful achievements, but he also left a legacy.


Monet left a big impact in his hometown and the world of art as well. Girveny, France is where Monet used to live , and it is where he painted most of his work like the lily ponds.In the article “Claude Monet,” Beard states, “Monet’s central position in the late nineteenth century seems secure,  and Girveny, refurbished and restored, has once again become a mecca for pilgrims”(4).The author also said, ” Monet’s vision remained remarkably consistent throughout the developments in his style”(4). Monet clearly left a legacy; moreover, I wouldn’t have seen his work in 2019 if he hadn’t.


In brief, despite the complications in his early life background, Monet was able to reach his exceptional goals, and he will always have his place among the legends of art. Monet’s experience on Earth taught me that my present can not define my future.


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Beard, Dorothea K. “Claude Monet.” Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia, 2017. EBSCOhost.



McArthur Designer Glen Outlet’s Advertisement

102E68D9-DABF-4F6B-8296-90FFFB57861B.jpeg       (This picture was taken by me from Metrotown Skytrain Station.)

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet is the company which is being advertised from the poster above, and they are promoting their spring clothing. This poster is implicit because they are trying to convince people that they have clothes which will look as good as it is on the model they used. It is also explicit because they wrote on the poster that ” designer spring style come rain or shine up to 70% less” which means you will be looking good in their clothes for a good price. In my opinion, I think that the target audience is in the range of 18-45 years old because the model on the poster looks young; also, his style is mostly for people in that age group. This advertisement appeal to both pathos and ethos. First, it appeals to pathos because the model looks clean and handsome in those clothes which makes it very easy for the audience to get attracted to the content of the poster. Second, it appeals to ethos since they used a model who is probably well-known. They also used a catchy sentence as ” I bring my own sunshine”. People might become easily fascinated after reading that sentence because everyone would like to look good in their own way. As the point of every advertisement is to get more attention from people, the motivating force behind this poster is to get known throughout Vancouver. In brief, McArthur Group used all this considerations in order to attract the audience and to get famous as a designers.

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Spring is the season when hunger is a stranger to farmers. It is when flowers decide to grow tall, colourful, and beautiful.


Spring is when nights start to be shorter than days. It not the period when people are scared of walking outside at 8:00 Pm. It is when you are able to wear whatever you want without worrying about snow.


Spring is the season in which you will find all the people looking gorgeous and happy. It is when you will see classy convertible cars all over.


Spring is the period of renovation and resurrection of Jesus for christians. It is the time you have to change your closet from cozy, dark clothes to shorts and blouses of all colours. Spring is the beginning of outdoor fun events. It is not the period when you have to stay in your house for the whole day due to snow storms. It is the period of learning and exploring the world in every possible way. In other words, it is the perfect time to tick some of your wishes on your bucket list.


Furthermore, Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with your friends and family. It is not when you find flights cancelled due to safety purposes. It is when the Sun decides to show up. Spring is the right moment of boosting incomes especially for students.


Most importantly, it is the perfect time of jogging outside and trying to get ready for summer.

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Vancouver Art Gallery

On Friday 8, 2019, me and my Communications 12 class went to visit Vancouver Art Gallery to watch the exhibitions which were taking place. It was our first time to go in a field trip , and we really enjoyed it. At 12:00Pm sharp, we were already at the front door. We tried our best to reach there on time because they wouldn’t have allowed us to enter if we were late.

The Gallery has four beautiful floor, in which there was different exhibitions going on except the second one. On the first floor, there were two exhibitions, French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950 and Affinities: Canadian Artists and France. I wasn’t really surprised with any artwork exposed on that floor because most of them looked familiar to me since many artists make similar work from what I saw. However, I liked the artwork done by Giovanni Boldini named “Portrait of a Lady, 1912” because it looked like a work which was taken time for due to the length and content of it. I liked the way he shaped the position of the lady, the colours ,and the dress.



The second floor was under construction so we didn’t have a chance to see some of the artwork which was already there ;nonetheless, I managed to take a picture of one of them. It was like a camping tent made from matelasses, sadly I don’t know the artist who made it. It is a thoughtful and beautiful artwork.


Additionally, on the third floor there was “The Metamorphosis” exhibition. It was my favourite one because it is full of unexpected artwork like an object made from Nike Air Jordan’s, copper, and leather. I was amazed by how Brian Jungen, the artist who made it, came up with something stable and original.



Furthermore, I went to the fourth floor, but I was not impressed by any of the artwork because I found them similar to the ones of the first floor. The name of the exhibition was  A Curator’s View: Ian Thom Selects. Nevertheless, I somehow  liked the artwork of Lucius Richard O’Brien named “Squamish, Mount Intchekai,1888” because the place he drew seemed to be peaceful and enjoyable. ACDC52FB-B19A-4107-98F6-3EBD95354EF4.jpeg

I didn’t dislike any artwork at the fourth floor exhibition, but I disliked one on the third floor made by George Segal named “The execution”. It is a really good work due to the fact that it is made by live models;however,  I didn’t like the content of it because the people were presented as dead.



In my opinion, art is a way of sharing your thoughts and emotions to the society; furthermore,  anything which is made from your own hands and creative can be considered as an art. Art can heal an artist’s life because he is given an opportunity to express his feelings and viewing it would mean a lot to the owner. Not only art heals people’s life, but it can also tell a story; for example, an artwork showing Jesus sharing his body to his disciples.


This art can help a non-believe in believing and understanding  that Jesus lived, and that he shared he’s own body with his disciples before he died. In brief, art can heal, entertain, and inform people despite the form of it.

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“The Chaser” by John Collier

Theme & Purpose 

Loving a person is a feeling which mostly comes naturally without purchasing or forcing it; however, if it goes the other way around, the two people are likely to meet difficulties. “ The Chaser” gives thought to a situation in which a desperate lover decides to poison the girl he was attracted to because he couldn’t manage to live without her attention.

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Fake News Investigation


The story about scary clowns who killed 23 people in Canada is a made up story because there were no evidence which  could show that there were any clowns around the area under investigation, for example, pictures or a red nose.

This story was shared on the Global Sun website , which is considered as a fake news reporter. The Global Sun itself have claimed that they write about satire stories, and that none of their stories is supposed to be true.


The creator of the information have a certain bias because he tried to show a convincing picture of two clowns holding an axe and a stick; also, he only emphasized on the story. For example, he could have written if there were any investigation done by the police.He only supported the idea that there were clown killers in Canada.

Someone would believe this story because  it was written in the period when dangerous clowns were being reported massively in the US.

My Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things you wish to do before you die. It doesn’t have an age restriction because everyone is allowed to dream as much as they can as long as you are still breathing; however, there are factors like money and diseases which can stop you from achieving your daydreams. You can write your bucket list wherever you want. People prefer to write their list in their diaries , on fridge doors, on the wall of their room, or simply on a piece of paper. Some of my friends told me that their bucket lists motivate them from working hard when they feel like giving up, and I also agree with them.


The first thing on my list is becoming someone whom my family will be proud of. I really want to put a smile on my parents’s face because they work hard for me to live a better life. Not only do I want to make my beloved proud, but I also crave to look at myself in the future while enjoying what I have been chasing.


Secondly, I want to build my own family and give birth to two to four children. I would like to have more boys than girls, but I don’t mind if it goes the other way around because they would all still be my blood and cute.


Another thing I hope to do is to travel to Caribbean and African countries first and go to other places after. I really like Caribbean regions because they have many beaches with incredible views; moreover, they produce enjoyable songs, for example, reggae and dancehall. I would also like to explore Africa because that is where I come from, and I would like to know more about our history. I think it would be a good idea of knowing my past first before other’s; moreover, I would also have a story to tell in the countries I would be traveling to.




In conclusion, I have many objectives on my bucket list, but these are the main ones. I will be extremely happy if I achieve these things before I kick the bucket.


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Racism in “ We’ll Take the White One”

Did you know that many people are being maltreated because of their skin colour? Racism is a belief that races are not equal; furthermore, the following have led to wars, quarrels, and injustice in history. Native Americans are victims of racism, and have experienced harsh moments in reserves and residential schools whereby they were beaten , unfed , and unheeded. Dawn Dumont and her family are among the victims;moreover, she shared her experience in the reserve and how people life’s in residential schools in one of her short stories in her collection Nobody Cries at Bingo. In “ We’ll Take the White One”, there are three  literary devices that support racism.

One of the literary devices that highlights racism is diction. Diction is a word choice that creates mood. There are some words in the story like “ lonely”(274) and “ alone” (275) that suggest that native people were isolated. Native people were not allowed to move out of their reserve unless they had permission from Indian agents. Outside of mainstreams society, Native kids felt alone because white kids didn’t allow them to play together. In brief, all this manifests racism because Natives were segregated.

Another literary device that supports racism is imagery. Imagery is choosing words to create a strong picture or image in the reader’s mind. There are many examples of imagery in the story, and one of them is : “ The mother is wearing a tail of children.” (264) The following passage suggests a comparison of Natives to animals, which is extremely racist and rude because it does not show respect towards Native people. In a few words, the usage of animal imagery suggests that Natives did not have a place in Caucasian society since they are liked to animals.

Another literary device that highlights racism is simile. Simile is the comparison of two unlike objects using “ like” or “ as”. There are many similes in the text, and “ sting like a bee” (278) is one of them. “ Sting like a bee” suggests that Natives were related to animals, which is also  racist because it doesn’t make Natives valuable in the society. In precis, the application of simile shows that Natives were minimized and under regarded.

In a nutshell, these three literary devices portray how Natives were considered in the society. “ We’ll Take the White One” has helped me to understand more about racism;moreover, the telling and historicizing of the Indigenous experience might heal the wounded Indigenous’s hearts. Not only was I touched by the story, but I also hope that it will be a lesson for people who  disregard others because of their skin colour.

Valentine’s Day

According to Wikipedia , Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day  or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian feast day honoring  one or two early saints named Valentinus. Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world although it is not a public holiday in any country.


I have seen many couples celebrating Valentine’s Day including my parents. Sadly, I have never celebrated one due to the fact that I don’t have a partner; however, I do get sweets, flowers, or little gifts from my friends. I would like to  celebrate V-day( Valentine’s Day) in the future as most of the girls’s dream. 


On Valentines’s Day, couples celebrate differently from others depending on what they like. Some prefer to go in fancy restaurants while wearing chic clothes. Others go to concerts , cinemas or karaoke, and others prefer to stay at home and cook a romantic meal. 


My ideal V-day would be going to a quiet, beautiful place with some flowers and a simple meal. I wouldn’t like to spend a lot of money because I would enjoy doing it more frequently rather than doing a fancy one for only once in a year. I would enjoy having a great conversation  about our couple by talking about improvements, appreciations, or plans. If I have enough money, I wouldn’t mind having a short vacation out of our town just to escape from the routine. 


In brief, Valentine’s Day is a day on which we celebrate love between couples and people as well even though we do so every day. 

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Let It Snow

Snow is precipitation in the form of ice crystals. It originates in clouds when temperatures are below the freezing point (0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit).


According to my perspectives, there are people who enjoy snow while others get sick due to the low temperatures. I do not belong to none of the categories, but I don’t like snow either.

The first time I experienced snow was in December 2018. It was in Edmonton,Alberta, 511 miles from Vancouver by flight. It was a Saturday morning when my plane landed at Edmonton International Airport. I went outside to wait for my sister to pick me up thinking that it won’t be cold since the Sun was shining brightly. I felt really cold during the thirty seconds stayed outside, but my sister had told me to wear warm clothes; otherwise, I could have been frozen. Luckily , I didn’t fall sick during the three weeks I spent there. 

During my vacation, I kept seeing kids playing hockey, ice skating  outside, and they seemed to be enjoying it. Apparently, that is why hockey is popular in Canada because every city except Vancouver experience snow for at least nine months., it is somehow hard to adapt yourself if  you are not used to low temperatures like me. Some people fall sick for long periods. Others get moody since it feels cold , some fun activities stops because of snow, for example, outdoor games, you have to remove snow on your car in case you don’t have a garage, and you have to stay in a warm place in order to prevent yourself from getting a cold or other disease related to that. In brief, I liked the first day when snow fell on me, but  I can’t stay for long outside if it snowing. 309BF666-8E34-49C4-8CA7-FD2214B53F0D words 

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