“Race” is defined as a classification that includes the idea that external characteristics (e.g. skin colour, hair texture, nose shape, eye shape) are connected with internal characteristics ( e.g. intelligence, self-control, rationality, emotion). Racism is a strong belief that one race is superior to another one.

First Nations and black people have suffered from racism based on stereotypes. According to studies, during the past centuries, the more lighter you were, the more your life was easier. First Nations didn’t have a speech in their own land; moreover, they lived in reserves where they had to ask for permission in order to go out of it. In schools, indigenous kids were not fed properly, and they could spend a long time without seeing their parents.


Black people were treated as slaves due to the fact that they were ignorant, not educated, and manipulable. Furthermore, they lived in villages with no housing, dressed in clothes made of tree bark, which made the colonists believed that black people were savages.


I haven’t experienced racism so far, but it is still in some people’s mind. I have a friend who was looking for a place to rent with her family, and one day they went to visit a random house here in Vancouver. When my friend and her family entered the place, the owner underestimated them and started to act awkwardly like someone who is not interested to their offer anymore. This happens most to races qualified as non-white.

Additionally, although there are still racists in some areas, the situation have been improved compared to the past years. Nowadays, there are doctors, judges, lawyers, engineers, presidents and professors who are respected and trusted despite their skin colour or hair texture. Social medias, books, journals have talked about racism, and people became more aware of that problem, which have helped a lot in order to promote love and unity in the world.


In brief, racism is something which should stop as soon as possible if we want our world to become a better place to live in. In addition, the skin colour, hair texture, or your nose shape will never define your brain capability.


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Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. – Harvey Fierstein

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